MISSION dancers technically, creatively and spiritually to restore the arts to its original evangelistic intent: Worship.

A world where liturgical dance and the word of God are inextricably intertwined.









I’ve always believed in collaborations. I’d look around at different dance ministries, churches and other artistic organizations and I couldn't help to think how much we’d all benefit if we moved beyond the exclusivity of our four walls. As dance ministers, we need an equitable place to grow and express ourselves without limits; a place that reflects the life we live and the principles by which we live. We are free to worship at RDA! We are free to perfect our gifts, move to Christian music, pray, dance, and create content with purpose and influence.


My intention is simply to connect us, artistically and spiritually. No big me and little you, no mega church and local church - just The Body of Christ. God has equipped us to be witnesses, to administer healing, comfort mourners and to plant seeds of joy. The more we give ourselves over to our gifts, the more these results will be realized through the vehicle of dance. How Dope Is That?! I believe that changing the world starts with surrendering all that we are, all that we think, and all that we love over to God for His use. This is one way we surrender to Him, this is how we change the world and this is why Redemptive Dance Alliance exists.


Kelley Thompson




Devar Dance Class

Fresh Start Christian Centers' Health & Wellness Ministry along Devar Dance Ministries is collaborating with Redemptive Dance Alliance to bring movement to real people at none other than the Alvin Ailey Dance Studios. We're going to stretch, dance, learn and have fun all in the name of Jesus. This class is free & open to all experienced and non-experienced dancers alike. 
Grab a friend, RSVP ASAP and see you soon!



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